Decentralised Social Travel  

Pally is the first decentralised social travel ecosystem in the world. Our technology enables travellers to create friendships and access authentic experiences in new cities through local people - using direct peer-to-peer payment

The ICO is now live and will be active until November 30th at 6p, GMT. Send your contribution to:


10 million PallyCoins sold

Please also note that the minimum contribution is 0.01 ETH, smaller amounts will result in your ETH being returned. After contributing, tokens can be seen in your wallet address on

All unsold tokens will be burned.

Status (including presale)

Tokens Issued: /60,000,000

ETH Raised:

USD Raised:


  • Tier 1: 1 PAL = $0.075 USD which is aproximately 0.00023 ETH. 1 ETH = 4266 PAL (12.5M PAL to be sold in this tier).
  • Tier 2: 1 PAL = $0.080 USD which is aproximately 0.00025 ETH. 1 ETH = 4000 PAL (12.5M PAL to be sold in this tier).
  • Tier 3: 1 PAL = $0.090 USD which is aproximately 0.00028 ETH. 1 ETH = 3555 PAL (12.5M PAL to be sold in this tier).
  • Tier 4: 1 PAL = $0.100 USD which is aproximately 0.00031 ETH. 1 ETH = 3200 PAL (12.5M PAL to be sold in this tier).
April 2017

Beta release into Apple App Store

August 2017

ICO pre-launch offering

October 2017

Initial Coin Offering of Pally tokens

November 2017

Platform wide decentralisation testing

March 2018

Pally Adventures launch in city 2

June 2018

Platform wide decentralisation roll-out

Detailed timeline breakdown in WhitePaper
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Incentivisation for use on platform
Development Team

Token Name

PallyCoin (PAL)

Token Supply

100,000,000 (million) tokens

Breakdown of Token Distribution
Pally's ICO will be lunched in two different stages.

Pre-launched Offering
(August 2017)

Pally’s pre-sale target of 10 million PallyCoins against $250,000 was hit in 11 minutes on August 25th.

Proceedings will go towards further development of Pally’s decentralised applications and global marketing ahead of the ICO.


ICO Token Launch
(October & November 2017)

Our ICO Token Launch round will have 50 million PAL tokens to be sold and the price through the launch will be:

  • Tier 1:     1PAL = $0.075 = 0.0023 ETH. 12.5M tokens to be sold. For 1 ether you get 4266 PAL tokens

  • Tier 2:     1PAL = $0.080 = 0.0025 ETH. 12.5M tokens to be sold. For 1 ether you get 4000 PAL tokens

  • Tier 3:     1PAL = $0.090 = 0.0028 ETH. 12.5M tokens to be sold. For 1 ether you get 3555 PAL tokens

  • Tier 4:     1PAL = $0.100 = 0.0031 ETH. 12.5M tokens to be sold. For 1 ether you get 3200 PAL tokens

The ICO Token Launch will be available for 28 days in October and November 2017 or until our cap is reached with each tier becoming available following the previous tier's token allocation is sold out.

Oliver Andersen


Afiola Etomi


Dario Ceccoli


Stoyan Petrov

Head of Marketing

Milos Soskic

Lead UI/UX

Merunas Grincalaitis

Smart Contract Developer

Manoj Patidar

Smart Contract Developer

Kaisun Raj

Community Manager


Yvonne Ike

Yvonne Ike holds over 30 years of senior Investment Banking experience. She is the current Managing Director and head of Sub Saharan Africa at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, prior to which she was West Africa CEO at Renaissance Capital. Yvonne spent the preceding 15 years at JP Morgan, where she was a Managing Director.

Arnaud Benard

A seasoned computer programmer, data scientist and machine learning expert who is heavily involved in the Silicon Valley and London startup scene. Arnaud has provided Pally with invaluable advice on architectural scalability and infrastructure.

Ore Adeyemi

Ore is a seasoned investor and Director in the HSBC Corporate VC team, where he leads investment teams and provides strategic advice to over 10 VC backed start-ups. He is particularly active within London’s Fintech community, and has previously held roles in Private Equity, Investment Banking and Strategy Consulting.

Stephen Irvine

Stephen is the Head of Product at Velocity Black, a leading luxury concierge agency. Before that, he was a Product Manager at Uber where he led various international expansion efforts, product marketing and product launches . He has also been a company founder and is a current Board Advisor to two other start-ups.

Liz Hosmer

Liz has spent the last 10 years in senior product management and operational roles at Amazon UK, following her MBA at MIT’s Sloan Business School and strategy consulting experience. She has led the Operations of Amazon Local and overseen successful launches of various products as Regional Expansion Manager.

Foluso Ogunlana

Foluso is a multi-skilled developer and blockchain expert who is experienced in Solidity, JavaScript, Python, CSS, Django and a host of other languages. After completing a Master’s degree in Engineering at Imperial College London, he worked as a Technology Analyst at Goldman Sachs before joining Brainlabs Digital where he built web applications and scripts for a host of their clients.

David Drake

David is an experienced entrepreneur and investor across sectors such as technology, media and real estate. His family office - LDJ Capital, and their partner companies have made investments in companies including Ali Baba and Lyft. Beyond these, David's investments currently have over fifty global directors that maintain relations with institutions and family offices with $1.5 trillion in assets.

Scott Riley

Scott is a vastly experienced blockchain and finance expert who is bringing 30 years of finance experience to Pally. He has previously been an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, and was a founding director at Chi-X Europe, one of Europe’s largest trading exchanges. In the past couple of years, he has been working at the forefront of Blockchain technology implementation within Financial Markets.


Pally is enabling its community to experience the world's cities in a way that is social and authentic. By deploying our technology as a layer on blockchain and smart contract technology, Pally’s community tokens will enable visitors to connect with their counterparts in cities around the world, allowing them to build friendships and access experiences curated by locals. In a world where technology is beginning to erode the concept of ‘the stranger,’ the decentralised community of Pallies is beginning to flourish.










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